Task flow management in Jira (4 hours)

If you are taking your first steps in Jira and want to track your tasks professionally

  1. Jira main screen, issue view screen, user profile.
  2. Projects, issue types, sub-task decomposition, fields, screens.
  3. Workflows, statuses, transitions.
  4. Issue search, filters, dashboards.
  5. Permissions, notifications, Jira plugins.

Prerequisites: no prerequisites.

Kanban/Scrum boards in Jira (4 hours)

If you work with Jira and want to tune an efficient task flow on an electronic board for your team

  1. Kanban/Scrum boards, columns, swimlines.
  2. Work-in-progress limit in columns of the Kanban board.
  3. Sprint planning, backlog, Scrum board decomposition.
  4. Cumulative Flow Chart, Control Chart, Burndown and Velocity Chart.

Prerequisites: passing the training “Task flow management in Jira”.

Support service request management in Jira (4 hours)

If you work with Jira and want to tune an efficient service request flow to support your customers

  1. Customer portal, service catalogue, service request creation.
  2. Service request queue, service SLA, agent working calendars.
  3. Incoming mail messages flow, customer mail notification.
  4. Service request analytics and reports, quality of the support team.
  5. Integration with Confluence wiki and Insight asset management system.

Prerequisites: passing the training “Task flow management in Jira”.

Project Portfolio Management in Jira (4 hours)

If you manage really big projects in Jira, and want to reduce the chaos in them

  1. Management of teams, employees, work schedule (holidays, vacations).
  2. Decomposition of the project portfolio, division into teams and their boards.
  3. Tasks estimation, adding task dependencies and start/end dates.
  4. Automatic and manual task scheduling, final deadlines calculation.
  5. Tracking the current status of the project, resource conflicts, reporting.

Prerequisites: passing the training “Kanban/Scrum boards in Jira”.

Jira Administration (8 hours)

If you support Jira application and infrastructure and wants to solve user problems quickly

  1. Jira application support (4 hours):
    1. Project administration, schemes of issue types, fields and screens.
    2. Workflow customisation (screens, conditions, validators, post-functions).
    3. User and issue/project permission administration.
    4. Mail notification tuning, reducing spam.
    5. Jira translation (issue types, statuses, resolutions, filed, priorities).
  2. Jira infrastructure support (4 hours):
    1. Atlassian products hosting types (Cloud, Self-hosted: Server, Data Center), licensing.
    2. Jira architecture, platforms support, installation models and integrations.
    3. Jira file system review, plugins, indexing and troubleshooting systems.
    4. Backup and restore processes, Jira updating and cloning technic.
    5. E-mail system integration, user directories, Atlassian application links.

Prerequisites: passing the training “Task flow management in Jira”.

Corporate Wikipedia and social network in Confluence (4 hours)

If you write texts and wants to collaborate with colleagues effectively

  1. Spaces, pages, collaborative editing, drafts.
  2. Page history, page versions comparison, search in space.
  3. Discussion on pages, commenting under the page and inline in the text.
  4. Content formatting: tables, sections, links, anchors, labels.
  5. Macros on the page, creating tasks in Jira from the Confluence page.

Prerequisites: no prerequisites.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) in Bitbucket, Bamboo (4 hours)

If you are writing code and want to deliver it to customers quickly

  1. Project, repository, branch, code pulling-modification-pushing.
  2. Code review (manual and automatic), unit tests, code style.
  3. Build plans, stages, steps, work, agents to build your code.
  4. Deployment projects, environments, triggers to run.
  5. End-to-end release process: Confluence-Jira-Bitbucket-Bamboo.

Prerequisites: no prerequisites.